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Juri Ciani lives in Florence, Italy, and works in the CG Industry, with the alias of Jeppetto, where operates as GraphicDesigner. He also teachs 3D modeling in Urbino's Academy of Fine Arts.
In 2005 he started up the photographic project "Terradiconfine" (“Borderland”), with a website where he shares reportage and traveling experiences through five continents.
In 2007 he published the book "Mwadzuka Bwanji" ("Ho did you wake up?" in chichewa language - Ed. Masso delle Fate), a storytelling about the african state of Malawi, that shows some kinds of humanitarian issues in this country.
Some of the last published reportage:
2009 - "Caos Sublime pt. 2", a comparison between Quneitra - Syria, Golan Heights - 36 years after the war against Israel, and L'Aquila – Italy - after the April 06th 2009 earthquake.
2009 - "Caos Sublime pt. 1", thinking about reconstruction after L'Aquila April 06th 2009 earthquake. (texts by M. Fuksas)
2009 - " The new faces of China in Florence", in collaboration with La Repubblica newspaper.
2008 - "Women in Iran", about female status inside the Islamic Republic of Iran.
2007 - "T27", the way of the highest world's railway, from Beijing to Lhasa.
2006 - "Senegal in Florence", a day life with senegalese illegal vendor, in San Lorenzo's market.
2001 - "G8, July 2001", Genova before - described in the text - and during - shown in pictures - the G8 meeting in July 2001.

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Photographs with:

Canon 5D mark II

Canon 50mm f1.2 L

Canon 24mm TS-E f3.5 L

Canon 28mm f1.8

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